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...Welcome to AR2X...


Welcome to Anime Realm 2x, the second and better version of my first site. In here you will find introductions to my favorite animes, anime galleries, Music from your favorite animes and RPGs, and Links to my favorite anime sites. Please sign my guestbook at the bottom of the page.



Site News

31-12-2000- Konnonochi wa!!!! Well, this isnt really an update BUT(!!!), it sortta is... in a way. I recently was in Yahoo! and couldnt beleive that my site was in there! Then I checked my counter and saw the hits and a lotta people were comin in here. So I decided to make a new site!. Well, actually ive benn planin it and gettin it ready most of the time that I disappeared from the web. So be sure to come in here in a while and im gonna give you the URL. The new site is gonna have all of this and a bag of chips!!! so im postin it up as soon as it is ready. Peace out, for now! ^_^

10-06-2000- Lots of new ranma pics up. And I have been reported that I have a broken link(the one that takes you to my frrediskspace files). Please tell me if it is broken or its ok.

10-02-2000- I’m sorry I couldn’t add that link ‘cause for some reason when I try to put in hyperlink my computer freezes up. Sorry ill try to fix it in the future.

09-30-2000- New link and new introduction.

09-24-2000- I am sorry for not updating in a while. You see I got school and updates and studyoing dont mix. And for the fact that tripod didnt let me in for like two days. Well MP3s are up and new ones are coming every week after I got seven MP3s ill start with the video clips. And I already uploaded four so it wont be that long.

09-19-2000- Ok the spanish AR2X thing is canceled. But I do have good news! I got an affiliate! it's the Gundam Garage. And I made to the top 25 list in CCS topsites!! SO I dont have an update on the galleries. But now I shall have WAV,MP3s, and videos(I need time to upload a bunch so please wait)!!!

09-12-2000- Cardcaptor Sakura gallery updated.

09-12-2000- Ok, ive fixed the ranma gallery. Fixed the DBZ gallery and added a new pic and added new pics to the sailormoon gallery.

09-05-2000- My loyal visitors. I have joined the son goten top 10 and the millenium corp top 50. Please click on the links to rank me up( after you look around ofcourse). Also I can't seem to make the CC topsites image appear so please click on that too. I have no update today(i'm sorry) because I have a test tomorow and im typing this down in that half hour I get for break. Man I hate school!!!!

09-04-2000- If you saw the very bottom of the entrance page you'll see that I joined the cardcaptors topsites( and those of you didnt see it, well now you know). So in honor of it I put up new CC pics so go check 'em out. In other news, I havent finished the spanish, sorry for anyone was waiting for it. And i'm working on fixing the ranma and galaxy express 999 galleries. And one more thing, the cardcaptor sakura pics dont always show. just click show picture.

09-03-2000- This really isn't an update, but more of an announcement. If by miracle I can finish it by tomorow you'll see Anime Realm 2X in way like youve never seen- in spanish!! So those of you spanish speaking people(like me even though spanish isn't my main language) can see AR2X a bit easier.

09-01-2000- Yep, I went and did it!! Don't know what im talkin 'bout?? One anime title ofcouse. Rurouni Kenshin. Starting with seven pics. Go see!!!

08-27-2000-Ive finaly gotten around to typing the intros to animes. So far ive only done all the dragonball series but ill have a lot in a couple of weeks. And coming soon to AR2X... pics and descriptions of all the clow cards!! wallpapers!! and more intros. So if you read this come back again i'm almost done with every single little thing.

08-16-2000- New pics in all galleries exept for GE 999. If you have any GE999 pics send them to me please The galeries have a new way of pictures. Just save picture as(right-click-DUH-) and the pics will be much much larger.

07-29-2000- Bunches of new midis up!

07-28-2000- link to me section up. I got an affiliate. and that is all.

07-22-2000- Download section up. go download two mp3s there.

07-20-2000- Darn it's about time for an update. Well new gallery up and i've changed the music on no-frames. New midi in the music section. I'm waiting 'till the end of this month so I can put up the feature download section. I(almost) update daily so come back tomorow and see what's new!!

07-08-2000- Ranma 1/2 gallery up. New link. nothing else.

07-07-2000- Welcome to the official opening of Anime Realm 2X!!!!!!!! If you came from my old site you'll see that almost everything is different. If havent been to my old site just for fun go here. Look around and see what's open!!! more to come!!

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