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A very nice cardcaptors site. I like it a lot. I really recomend you go here.

The other side of squeeky, anime central

This is my friend's anime site. Very good. I really recomend you go here too. You wont be disapointed.

Heaven's Charm

This is a very good site for Digimon fans and Angemon and Angewomon fans. I like it,very cool.


This is the best place for everything anime and manga(at least to my opinion).

Sakura Star

Another great Sakura site. I love Cardcaptors. And this is yet another great Cardcaptors site, go here it has a nice gallery.

Cardcaptors Warp

Another Cardcaptors site. Very good gallery, nice design- very cool. Go here!!

Pink light

A cool little kari shrine. gp here if you like digimon's kari.