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Evangelion angel music

Sailormoon battle music

Dragonball Z opening theme- chala-head-chala

Dragonball GT opening theme- dandan kokoro

Dragonball opening theme

Evangelion opening theme- cruel angel thesis

Pokemon battle music

La Soldier(Sailormoon)


Aproach A Beutiful Morning(Sailormoon)

Tenchi Muyo opening theme(I think...)

Card Captors battle music

Pokemon bike music

Ya-pa(Ranma 1/2)

Rainyday man(Sailormoon)

Sailormoon transforming music

Background music from Sailormoon R

Sailormoon opening theme

Final Fantasy 3 battle music

Outer Senshi henshin( Sailormoon)

Sailormoon SailorStars opening theme

Gundam Wing opening theme-justcommunication

Ranma 1/2 opening theme

Super Mario RPG- major boss music

Mario RPG- forest maze music

Ah! My Goddess! opening theme( I dont know but the site I got it in told me so...)

Galaxy Express 999(a diffent version of the theme music)

kiki's delivery service theme