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Introduction to different animes



Dragonball is about a boy named goku. Now as you can expect goku is no ordinary boy, oh no. Goku has super strength, has a pole that extends, rides a cloud (that you need to be pure-hearted to ride)to get around, has a tail and with the site of a full moon he turns into a giant king kong monkey like giant monster. The story starts out with a girl named bulma who is a super genius and is super pretty(at least she thinks so...) and thinks nagging is something that HAS to be done. Bulma is looking for these things caled the "dragonballs". When the seven dragonballs are united, a dragon called Shenlong comes out and can grant you any wish. Bulma wants to wish for the "perfect" boyfriend. Well on her search she finds goku and even though goku doesn't know it, he has one of the dragonballs. While doing his daily routine he bumpes into bulma and she ask for the dragonball and goku doesnt want to give it. Bulma then makes him come with her(of course goku doesnt know that shell take the dragonball and they will shoot out to the ends of the earth and leave goku with nothing. So that's where the story begins. Later goku goes on to do somethings like try to get training from the great kamesennin(aka master roshi), enters the tenkaichi bodukai(I think that's how you spell it- martial arts tornument) and finds his friend(and rival)krillin dead, heads on to fight the red ribbon army and other cool stuff.

My opinion:

Out of the whole dragonball saga, this undoubtedly my favorite one. See we find out things like that bulma is a bit dirty(like in the manga, she offers goku to feel her butt for the dragonball. goku replais by saying: "why would I wanna feel your dirty butt?" ^_^) And that krillin was actually goku's rival. For those of you with sensitive parents I sudggest you dont watch it. I has millions of sex jokes(wich are funny as hell). But, we do findout about somethings of DBZ we dont know.



Draonball Z is about goku's adult life. He is now maried to chi chi(boy, who would have ever thought of those two getting maried...) and has a son a son named gohan(boy who would have ever thought that goku and...). He finds out that he is an alien called a sayijajin and his evil brother raddits kidnapes gohan telling goku to kill 100 people in 24 hours or he would kill gohan. Later gohan sort-of becomes the main character after goku died. and piccolo is now good(long story).

My opinions:

Dragonball Z is a classic(that is if you wath the original japanese). The english is no good. It doesn't show the drama(and I mean DRAMA) of DBZ. I almost cried during when chouzu dies. A violin solo plays a tien hallusinates about poor little chuozu, his life-long partner.


Dragonball GT is about goku's adventure in space with Pan(gohan's daugther) and trunks( DUH! who doesnt know trunks?!?!?). Pilaf came back and he took the balck star dragonballs and finally got to make his wish( after all those years, all the way back form dragonball- the first villan- after all that time of searching for the dragonballs he finally found them!!) goku finds pilaf and pilaf shoots some missiles at him. goku didnt get hit(of course) and pilaf( having all ready alled out shenlong) yells "I wish you were little again so that I could kill you easier!!!!!!!!!!!". " Your wish is my command" sez shenlong and goku turns little. Dende and mr. popo were horrified, while goku was enjoing his younger and faster body so he heads home. Kyiyo-sama(king kay) later tells him that he urgently needs to search for the black star dragonballs because the earth would blow up. So the new problem is the BS dragonballs are scarterd out in the universe so goku goes out and tries to find them.

My opinions:

I aint got much to say about GT. I never consentrated on it. It was nothing like the sagas beofre it. All I can say is the coolest thing is Goku, Vegeta, and Vegitt(also know as Gogeta) turn SSJ level 4.


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Cardcaptor Sakura


One day a girl named Sakura was looking through her dad's library(hes an archeologist). She is drawn to this book that said clow on it. she opened it and a bunch of cards strat flying around and disapear into the world(at least japan). A little stuffed animal looking thing comes out named Kero. He is the guardian of the clow cards that flew out of the book(HE's the guardian of the clow cards!) He tell her she is now a cardcaptor and ahs to retreive the cards or ciertian chaos would come to then earth. So that is how Sakura became a cardcaptor.

My opinion:

This is my most fav. anime of all time. It has action(a bit) and other stuff! YOu have to see the original. Like DBZ the english anywehre close to being good(but hey! it's all we got, Right? then I might as well just not enjoy it. You cannot seriosly say that the english is good until you saw the sub). I cant explain how good it is. ill try in later updates.