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Some of you maybe wondering what Dragonball(Z) is, either because youre new to the series or you have'nt heard about it(wich is very hard). Well, Dragonball is about a little weird kid named son gokou. The weird thing is he is he is 12 years old and is super strong has a tail and his mode of transportation is a cloud named nimbus. He's is helping a girl named Bulma to search for the 7 dragonballs that if put together they call the eternal dragon, Shenlong. The dragon can grant you any wish. The only two catches are that you have to look all around the worl for the balls and the dragon does not make the same wish twice(and this causes problems in DBZ). Later on in Dragonball Z gokou grows up has a kid named gohan and gokou gets kill more than once. So overall it a great anime(the only reason I call it anime is because it's from Japan) high action and super cool.

This section summerizes the series were the adventure starts and later I will summerise the rest of the series.


It all starts out with Gokou going with his son, Gohan to a trip to the kame house. it all surprises everyone that gokou came with a son. But before that an important event happened a giant ball crashes on the earth and a person comes out! after a while Radiitz(the name of the person that came out the ball)reveals to gokou that he's is part of an alien race called saiyayin(pronoused say-yan) and his purpose was to destroy the planet! Now said that he is gokou's brother and that hes was meant to be evil. So radiitz said to destroy 100 people or his son would die and takes off wth gohan. Piccolo( a very strong fierce person who looks like an alien) had a run-in with radiitz and decided to help gokou for revenge on radiitz(him helping gokou is strange because he is a bad guy) so after a long battle with radiitz and them losing the fight gohan with amazing powers headbutts radiitz. so gokou remembered that since he is just like him his weak point was his tail. so gokou went behind him and grabed his tail and piccolo use his special attack. it went right through radditz and hit gokou killing them both. Before radditz passed away piccolo told him about the dragonballs and his comrades heard it through his devise called a scouter(can read the power level on a person) he had on his ear so now his friends were coming for the dragonballs. They are ten times stronger than radditz!!!!!!!!! So that's were the Z adventure starts.

Next is the saiyayins saga.Then friezza. Then garlic JR saga. Then the cell games. Then the majin boo saga.